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Reformer Pilates


Hi I,m Jen.

The majority of my adult career has been spent working in speech and language therapy ,supporting children and young people to be able to communicate effectively and access the learning in their educational settings, as well as training supporting adults and teachers to understand language and communication needs and learn how to help. It was in this job I found my passion for teaching and training. I always get such a buzz from helping people to learn and use new skills . I have high expectations for all my students but also support them every step of the way to find their confidence to communicate and achieve their full potential.

Over the years I have always been active trying lots of forms of exercise including,  boxing, yoga , spin fit  , running , but when I found pilates something clicked and I totally fell in love with it . The idea I could work my body and mind and not totally exhaust myself was genuinely a new concept for me and I WAS HOOKED.

Fast forward a few years with herniated discs and hysterectomy surgery , I found my passion and respect for pilates growing and growing. Pilates helped me  prepare my body for major surgery it helped me get my mobility and strength back , gave me confidence to move again and continues to help me understand my ever changing body. I knew I needed to put my teaching skills into helping others discover the amazing power of pilates. I jumped head first into my pilates teacher training and now have the privilege of teaching what i really love and believe in to you lovely lot!

A class with me will be full of joy and fun but also challenge. What ever stage you are at with your pilates. I cant wait to help you build your strength, mobility and mind body connection. I promise you will leave feeling better than you did when you arrived and feel fully supported and appreciated 💚

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