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1 - Your Pilates Breath Deep breaths into the sides and back of your rib cage helps utilise the full capacity of the lungs. When we breath into the lower lobes of the lungs we improve oxogen exchange which feeds the body and brain with higher oxogen levels. This 3D breath pattern helps us feel more alert, rids toxins from muscles, promotes better posture and can help ease anxiety and stress. I recommend 10 deep breaths when feeling a little fatigued, count to five on the inhale and again on the exhale, a technique you can use anytime anywhere .

2 - Apple Cider Vinegar

When apple cider vinegar is taken before a meal it can help the body's cells increase there ability to take in glucose. This can help prevent glucose spikes throughout your day which can hit any time depending on what and how we eat our meals. Spikes in glucose is a popular reason for unexplained fatigue and brain fog. Just a table spoon apple cider vinegar in water is all you need no more than 20 minutes before a heavy meal or sweet treat.

3 - Dry Brushing Dry brushing is a quick and easy way to improve circulation of the lymphatic system, this simple method has many benefits by aiding lymphatic drainage which helps reduce fatigue, headaches, congestion and prevent post injury swelling. Other superficial benefits include reduced appearance in dry skin and cellulite. Short sharp strokes towards the heart before showering is recommended for best results.

4 - Tech free moments In current times our brains are 40% more active than they where 15 years ago due to smart phones and laptops. By having multiple tech free breaks daily you may save your brain up to 14 hours a week of mindless activities (which brain only knows as work) My personal rules include ....

- No phone in bed - No scrolling while enjoying a coffee - No scrolling outside /while walking / while sitting on the beach - Phone away for 2 hour periods when you're in the house

Stick to your own rules and see what you notice.

5 - Hydrate Add a pinch of salt and a squeeze of orange or lemon into your water bottle and it will instantly turn your water into a simple and healthy isotonic mix. Many shop bought drinks contain a high sugar content and are full of additives, this simple mix is cost effective and will help your body absorb more of the water you consume, its especially effective in hot weather or during a work out.

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Jenny Bacon
Jenny Bacon
2023. dec. 28.

I've used apple cider vinegar ( organic) for years before breakfast brilliant stuff !!!

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