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Weekly live Pilates Timetable

Pilates Live - Lets get through lockdown number 3 together.

Get ready to use household props for weekly, energising, full body workouts. Classes will focus on toning and building strength safely, all in the comfort of your own home. To subscribe for weekly updates on classes and information to join please fill in the contacts form, link below.


Monday 6.30pm - 1 hour

Wednesday10am - 1 hour

Instagram live

Monday -10am

join me for a 25 minute low intensity cardio workout

 Tuesday & Thursday 9am 

25 minutes pilates Tone, intermediate sessions that tone the entire body while helping improve posture and strength.

Sessions will be saved to instagram for you to do at a time that suits you best. 

Live workouts on zoom and instagram weekly

What do I need?

You will need a work out mat or soft surface like a carpet or towel.

A pilates ball, or alternatively you can use a small cushion, or soft football.

Small had weights, if unavailable to you two cans of beans will work just fine.

A flex band or yoga strap, alternatively a long piece of material that has stretch. 


Pilates for me is all about mindful movement, I believe exercise should nourish not punish your body. There's nothing like an efficient, dynamic, work out to refresh and recharge the body and mind.

Pilates tone works on full body movements using modifications for individual needs. Small equipment is used to help tone, strengthen and keep the body in good alignment .

Enjoyable sequences means we'll keep your body guessing, while increasing endurance and flexibility.


Why not pop on a playlist of your choice to enhance your mood and help zone into the mind while working out at home.