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Pilates on Zoom 

Pilates on zoom is on hold for the summer holidays but will be back late September.


Get ready to use household props for weekly, energising, full-body workouts. Classes will focus on toning and building strength safely all in the comfort of your own home. Modifications are given throughout making it suitable for all levels.

To join the class click link below and you will be directed to Zoom.

Alternatively join by using meeting ID- 269 475 2069

Payment for sessions can be made via the donate button above.... the amount is £8 per class.

If your unable to attend the live class, recordings can be purchased for £5 per session.

To subscribe for weekly updates on classes and information to join please fill in the contacts form, link below. 


What to expect.....


Pilates for me is all about mindful movement, I believe exercise should nourish not punish your body. There's nothing like an efficient, dynamic, workout to refresh and recharge the body and mind.
Pilates tone works on full-body movements using modifications for individual needs. Small equipment is used to help tone, strengthen and keep the body in good alignment.

Enjoyable sequences means we'll keep your body guessing while increasing endurance and flexibility.

Why not pop on a playlist of your choice to enhance your mood and help zone into the mind while working out at home.

Isle of Wight Pilates on the beach
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