What to expect from your reformer sessions-

- A posture analysis to discover your strengths and weaknesses throughout the body. (once every 6 weeks) we all have are own little twists and imbalances, that's what makes us great individuals. Knowing these little twerks help me design the perfect work out for you.

- Wellness overview. We all work at our own pace, everyday is different. Lets include our overall health..... do we need a steady relaxing session? or do we want to sweat? Together we can break down barriers mentally or physically.

- A 50 min workout designed for you, your body, and your goals. 

- Finish the session with a good stretch and some well deserved relaxation time.

- Homework .... a little challenge for you to complete in your own time.

Total duration 1 hour, my home studio is situated in Ventnor, Isle of wight.