The Body Camp Ibiza

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

For those asking, this summer I spent the summer season in Ibiza at The body camp..... and what a awesome summer it was. My role here was Manager and Fitness instructor. Here we welcomed around 18 visitors each week, who moved into the luxury villa to indulge in an all in life transformation program.

This is not just any fitness retreat, (its a marks and Spencers fitness retreat) JOKING....... but seriously this is a mental and physical detox, chance to put aside that mobile phone, reduce refined sugar cravings , and squish the idea that we need caffeine to function throughout the day. Self talk is vital to our overall wellbeing, there's no such thing as, sore muscles, tired, or scared, at The Body Camp, you'll find yourself rephrasing....... muscles will be feeling sexy not sore, you"ll feel challenged not tired, and extremely exited, instead of scared. Lets face it, negative chat gets us no where!!!

This week of activities included, Goal setting, Mind mapping, Cooking and Nutritional information, from the incredibly passionate Vegan Chefs, Fitness sessions throughout the day including Boxing, Rep challenges, Dance cardio, Beach work outs, and two hikes each week. Most days are finished with Yoga, Pilates, Breath work and Meditation. This in Ibiza, is an all in program, working as a team helps to smash down mental barriers, group energy is infectious, and watching people step out of their comfort zone, encourages you to do the same, and more.

The Body Camp now has two locations, the second opened in Mallorca in April this year. Mallorca Body camp is slightly different , this camp has a set program between 6am - 2pm, With optional workouts in the afternoon. Great for anyone seeking a little 'Me time'

“Body camp Ibiza is a safe environment where people can be themselves, 100% no Judgment, we're all Weird and Wonderfull in our own way ”
Fancy seeing a little more of The Body Camps fun and games, crazy workouts, music videos, and questionable fancy dress , check out there instagram page @thebodycampibiza and @thebodycampmallorca here, you can also find the link to their website.

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