Where and when

Pilates Tone is back weekly with sessions on Mondays at 6pm and Saturdays at 10.30am. Classes are held at The Stables at Northwood house, Cowes Isle of wight. Booking is essential with limited spaces available due to covid 19 regulations.

All Sessions run for 1 hour

About Pilates Tone

Pilates for me is all about mindful movement, I believe exercise should nourish not punish your body. There's nothing like an efficient, dynamic, work out to refresh and recharge the body and mind.

Pilates tone works on full body movements while using small equipment (provided) to help tone, strengthen and keep the body in good alignment, modifications are given throughout all classes to make it suitable for all levels and individual needs.

To Book

Booking is essential, to reserve a space please book by clicking the link below.

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